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Is your child engaged in sports practice without participating in organized games or learning a musical instrument without performing in recitals? If that's the case, they might be questioning the purpose of all their practice. Tournaments are the “real” game or recital for Chess. Children who compete discover a new passion for the game and a renewed desire to learn.

Chess4Life tournaments will always start and end on time and your child will have a chance to earn a trophy or achievement award based on their performance. First-time tournament players will receive a medal because showing up for your first tournament is an awesome achievement.

Key Features

Set and Track Goals

Establish an official, NWSRS Chess rating to set and track goals for improvement

Practice Skills and Make Friends

Great way to practice skills, contribute to an official chess rating, and make friends!

Get Tournament Ready

Players are tournament-ready when they know the rules of chess & can complete a checkmate!

NWSRS Chess Rating

New players automatically establish a free, official NWSRS Chess Rating

Opportunity to Qualify for State Championships

State Qualifier Tournaments offer WA State players the opportunity to qualify for the WA State


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