Mastering Life Skills

More than just a game, chess provides a unique perspective on life. At Chess4Life we teach kids not only how to become better players, but also how to take a strategic approach to life’s challenges. Whether you win, draw, or lose there is always an opportunity to learn and improve.

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Mastering the Game

Utilizing an instructional methodology honed over decades by founder and chess master, Elliott Neff, our coaches have helped thousands of students master their chess game. We are proud to have coached and supported ten national champions, and numerous regional champions.

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Sharing Knowledge

Whether you want to learn the basics of how to play chess or how to start a chess club in your own school or community we have a large selection of resources to help you get started. Our core mission is to promote the benefits of the game of chess to kids across the world.

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Choose us

  • Chess for Kids – At the Chess4Life chess academy kids matter most! Whether you’re looking for a fun and beneficial activity for your child to partake in, or have a budding chess master, we’re committed to providing an engaging and supportive learning environment.
  • Proven Success – Thousands of children have improved their chess game through the Chess4Life curriculum. We offer a tiered learning system that ensures all students are consistently progressing in skill and growing as chess players.
  • Chess For Life – It is our sincere belief that chess is a powerful tool for helping students overcome challenges in life. Beyond academic benefits, chess provides a tactical mindset that leads to improved motivation, character qualities, cooperative skills, leadership abilities and overall well being.

michael-zhou-chess4life-review“Bryan started attending Chess4Life’s camps exactly a year from today. He was a beginning chess player who was placed in the ‘C’ group, the beginner’s group. During the camp, he made friends, learned a lot about chess, and created many fun memories. Ever since that first camp, Bryan’s love for chess has kept growing. He has attended many more Chess4Life camps since then, and now he’s currently the second highest ranked first grader in the state! He loves the classes, camps, and tournaments at Chess4Life so much that we’ve even started using them as an incentive for him completing homework! Thank you to the coaches and staff for always encouraging Bryan, and helping him grow and develop as a chess player and person.”

~ Michael Zhu. Bellevue, WA



The mission of Chess4Life is teaching life skills through chess and, by doing so, positively impacting as many children’s lives as possible.



We organize chess tournaments for players of all levels. Here, students are given a chance to apply test and develop their skills in a competitive setting.

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At Chess4Life centers students are taught basic to advanced chess knowledge in a fun, supportive and personal setting.

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School chess clubs are fantastic after school programs for introducing students to the game of chess in a familiar and easily accessible environment.

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For more rigorous and focused chess instruction our experienced chess coaches are able to work directly with your student in private chess lessons.

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Students are invited to participate in our weekly quad tournaments where they will be paired with players of similar levels. Quads are a great introduction to the world of competitive chess.

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Chess4Life has partnered with reputable service providers to offer fun chess lessons and activities in conjunction with classes on Lego engineering, robotics, animation and more.

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