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Practice without application can demotivate children, but longer Chess tournaments can be intimidating for some players. Chess4Life Quads helps ease students into competition in a controlled familiar environment.

Participants play three chess games against similarly skilled opponents over a 2-3 hour period. Parents can drop their children off at our Chess Center and have a relaxing night out or get some overdue errands done! If competing online, your child will simply join the Zoom call and our team of coaches will walk them through every step. Plus the winner of each Quad earns a Quad trophy and can trade them up the more they win!

Key Features

Weekly Tournaments

Weekly, NWSRS-Rated Tournament on Fridays in-person and online

Groups of 4

Players are grouped in sets of 4 by their rating (unrated players grouped together) for 3 games

Contribute and Make Friends

Great way to practice skills, contribute to an official chess rating, and make friends!

Recommended for Beginners

Recommended beginner tournament – new players will be grouped with others who are new

Get Tournament Ready

Players are tournament-ready when they know the rules of chess & can complete a checkmate!

NWSRS Chess Rating

New players automatically establish a free, official NWSRS Chess Rating


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