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Spotlight: Chess Bridging the Gap from College to Career with Florian Helff

October 15th 2022

The transition from college to career can be a challenging time. Since the beginning of the pandemic it can be even more difficult for recent graduates to make the necessary connections to find employment. At the same time, the challenge of recruiting reliable workers has become an expensive and at times frustrating process for employers.

Common interests are a great way to make connections with potential employers or employees – whether you went to the same college, came from the same hometown, or root for the same sports team. These connections provide an “in” from which to build a meaningful relationship. These genuine network connections can lead to the right-fit employees getting matched with the right-fit employers.

Chess is a shared interest that communicates unique strengths a player is likely to have. For example, a chess player who meets another chess player knows that person probably has practice at problem solving, planning, strategic thinking, extended focus, managing and allocating resources, and sportsmanship. What better way to connect with a potential employer or employee?

Florian Helff sees these advantages to chess and its practical application. Few people will grow up to have chess be their direct career path but many chess players can reap the benefits of chess in their careers.

Florian is involved in both collegiate and corporate chess organization, including hosting the PanAms and organizing collegiate chess scholarships, as well as Amazon’s corporate chess league. He is dedicated to bridging the gap between college and corporate chess players and creating opportunities for them to connect.

At events such as the PanAms, college chess players can meet with corporate chess players. While they share in their enjoyment of chess, these individuals can also exchange career ideas and advice. Recruiters have a special connection with people who are likely to be solid employees in their field. College students form the connections they need to obtain their first employment after graduation.

Chess is a platform for all kinds of growth opportunities. While we focus mainly on the development of children at Chess4Life, we are glad for partners like Florian who continue to bring the benefits of chess into young adulthood and adulthood.

If you enjoyed this article, check out Florian’s full interview below!


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