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October 22nd 2015

We want to give a big THANK YOU to all those who participated in the 100 board simul last weekend!

115 people ended up playing against Elliott which was a personal record for him in a simul. Play started around 12:20PM. In the end, Elliott drew 4 games and won the rest (NO LOSSES!!) The last game ended at 8:15PM, a total play time of about eight hours!

![Wide Behind Pieces]( =300x150)

We also want to thank all the sponsors of the event:

  • Crossroads Bellevue who graciously donated the space and set up all the tables and chairs. Roz (the marketing manager) really went above and beyond to make that event happen for us.
  • Uncle’s Games generously donated the $75 chess board for one of the winners. The players who drew (tied) their games with NM Elliott Neff were put in the drawing – congratulations to Daniel Shubin who won this board!
  • Half Price Books happily donated $60 worth of gift certificates for winners
  • came with 5 great prizes for winners (chess board/set/bag combinations) and yummy treats (chocolate bars!) for players in the simul.
  • Yogurtland donated cards for participants for a free 10oz of frozen yogurt

Calvin Lyons, executive director from Boys and Girls Clubs King County was on hand to give Elliott a run for his money;)

As you may know, all proceeds for the event went to Boys and Girls Clubs King County to help bring the benefits of chess to as many kids as possible.

We raised $985 this year! It’s not too late to donate if you would like to be a part of helping positively impact kids lives through chess in Boys and Girls Clubs King County.

You can send checks to Chess4Life Bellevue at any time. (Just be sure to put the memo for Boys & Girls Clubs KC)

Please check out our SIMUL VIDEO on YouTube. Also, one of Elliott’s chess positions and picture of the simul are below!​

![Overhead from Door Side]( =300x220)

Elliott (white) played Rd7!

Black played Qxd7

Elliott then played f8=N!!+ forking the black king and queen in order to win this game.

Thank you again and we look forward to our next simul!


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