Careers – Cayla Vichot

May 24, 2016

I was hired at Chess4Life as a Chess Coach without prior knowledge of the game.  I worked for a year teaching chess before transitioning into an administrative position and continued to work there for my sophomore through my senior year of college at Northwest University. Administratively at Chess4Life, I dealt with the back end of the business, such as customer care, communication, and other aspects of administrative duties.

I believe that a big fear that the name “Chess4Life” gives you is the thought that you have to know all about chess to work here – but you don’t!  If you are in college and are looking for a job that is flexible with your homework schedule whilst provides you with a wide breadth of mentor-ship, this job is for you.  As an Organizational Communication major, I was able to put into practice the things I was learning in school as well as receive valuable experience in the communication field.  I strongly believe that, if it had not been for my job at Chess4Life, I would have been less successful in the long run.

If you are looking for a job, I highly recommend working at Chess4Life. The positive culture, surrounded by a mission to teach kids life skills they need as adults, coupled with the mentor-ship provided by the leadership, makes Chess4Life one of the top places I would suggest working at during your college years.

Cayla Vichot, Coach & Administrator

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