Josh Pritchard


Questions and Answers

“I would be a knight. The knight has always been my favorite piece, so I feel I would choose to be one if given the opportunity. I just like how unique it is as a piece, it’s tricky, and attacks like no other piece. It’s not the most important piece, but I would say it is probably the most fun.”

“I have always been a big baseball fan, and with both my parents being from New Jersey, I was raised as a Yankees fan. So someone I always looked up to was Derek Jeter. He was always one of those guys you didn’t have to like, but everyone respected. He’s just a good guy. He didn’t let his success go to his head, he gave back to his community, he supported his teammates, he exemplified how athletes should act. He would rather be a good friend and teammate, then a good baseball player. But, nobody said you couldn’t do both.”

“I learned how to play by watching other people play. I moved to Holland in second grade, and a lot of the kids there played, so I would watch them play day after day. After a while I felt I had a grasp on the rules, so I tried playing a game. Soon after I joined the chess club there, and later that year played in my first chess tournament. ”