Jill Downey


Jill has worked for Chess4Life since 2010 in several different roles.  She coaches, works with the Training and Development department and most recently is working with our early education programs as an advisor.  

Chess has always been part of Jill’s life.  Growing up, the kitchen table was where her family shared meals, homework, and chess.  These days, family conversations about chess include life lessons, Habits of Mind like persisting and problem solving, stories of blunders, and all with a healthy dose of competition.

Jill is a Washington state certified teacher with a Masters Degree in Education.  She has fifteen years of teaching experience in many different classroom settings.  If asked to choose her favorite age to teach, her answer is always, “The class I have now.”  Along with teaching, Jill enjoys family snow ski days with her husband and son, sports, and gardening.