Elliott Neff

Founder & CEO


National Master Elliott Neff is the founder of Chess4Life. He achieved the master title mostly through dedicated self-study. His extensive experience in both studying hundreds of chess books and teaching thousands of students led to the development of the proprietary Chess4Life teaching systems and curriculum, with the goal of helping students of all abilities learn important life lessons through the fun game of chess.  Elliott is also a speaker and author of A Pawn’s Journey: Transforming Lives One Move at a Time. Visit www.elliottneff.com for more info.

  • (USCF) National MasterRating: 2275
  • Chess Teaching Experience: 20+ years
  • Highlight: Helping thousands of students and holding a draw with then world champion Anand in simul play.
  • Currently Working On: Blindfold simul proficiency – current personal record playing 12 at once blindfolded
  • Proud of: Helped thousands of students learn important life lessons, from beginners through multiple national champions

Questions and Answers

“My wish in promoting chess is to advance the overall good of the students with whom I interact. As such, chess is exceptional in developing self-discipline, responsibility for one’s actions, concentration, math skills, calculation, social skills, and many other excellent qualities. For these reasons, chess is now included in many school curriculums as well as after-school programs.”