Friday Night Quad Tournaments

Quad Tournaments

One of the most effective ways to help students gain confidence, advance their knowledge, and learn critical life lessons is to introduce them to friendly competition.  Competition is a fantastic way to prepare students for the challenges of life.  Quads are an exciting way for students to kick off their weekend and a great opportunity for parents to get away for a few hours.

Quad competitions are a great place to make new friends and connect with other players at a similar level of skill. These weekly tournaments are one way in which we as a chess academy are working to foster a healthy, positive, and fun chess culture in and around our community.

Quad chess tournaments involve a group of four chess players of similar abilities playing individual games of chess against each of the other three players. Every player competes in a total of three games, and the player that wins the most games is named the overall winner. The set of four chess players is referred to as a Quad.


Chess4Life quad tournaments feature a Trophy Trade-In reward system. The winner of each quad earns our standard quad winner trophy. Once a player has won four quads they can trade in their trophies for a 4x Quad Winner Trophy. If a player can earn 3 of the 4x trophies, they can trade them in for the prestigious 12 Quad Winner Cup!  The trophy reward system is a Chess4Life tradition that helps give our students a tremendous sense of accomplishment.