Chess Tournaments

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Chess4life has taken all of its operations online. Continue reading to find our more about our online courses! Further down you will find information regarding our in-person activities which we hope to reopen soon.

What are online quads?

Much like our very popular Friday Night Quads, Online Quads feature 3 quality chess games against students with a similar NWRS chess rating.

Playing students of a similar skill level ensures that every game your child plays will be challenging and productive in their chess development.

In addition to their games, students will enjoy live coach interaction, game analysis, and the opportunity to engage with fellow Chess4life students!

Bring the excitement and community of Chess4life Quads to your living room!

Competition with Chess4Life

Chess tournaments provide students a valuable opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge in a competitive and structured setting. Healthy competition is a critical part of development as a chess player, and leads to a more complete and robust understanding of the game of chess. The challenge of a chess tournament for kids, where students compete head to head, not only improves chess skills but also serves as a proving ground in which to acquire important life lessons and experience personal growth.

Looking for your chess rating? CLICK HERE to go to myRating!

Our chess tournament offerings include:

Designed for students that have played in 3 or fewer rated tournaments, these tournaments allow students to learn as they compete. Our staff are on hand to offer guidance and explain tournament rules. It’s a fun, low-stress introduction to tournament competition.

These tournaments involve a group of four chess players matched at similar ability levels. Three individual games of chess are played with each player facing off once against the three other players. The player with the most individual wins wins the Quad.

Chess4Life holds weekly Friday Night Quad Tournaments

We offer Elementary state qualifying tournament for players grades K-6th with an open section for grades K-12. Everyone will play five games (excluding byes due to odd numbers). If a player earns three points, they qualify for the State Elementary Tournament in April. (Registering for the State tournament is still required after qualifying.)