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Chess benefits young minds in many ways and our FREE Private Lesson is a great way for you and your child to explore the benefits of chess and our brand promise: Learn Life, Improve Chess, and Have Fun! Whether new to chess or an aspiring Grandmaster, your child will receive the individualized attention necessary to evaluate their strengths and identify opportunities for growth. FREE Private Lessons are available at each of our Chess4Life Locations.

After your child’s FREE Private Lesson, you can expect:
  • Expanded chess knowledge
  • Assessment of key areas to develop
  • Recommendations for how to effectively improve

Who should consider a Free Private Lesson?

  • Students new to Chess4Life that would like to determine what is the next best step in furthering their chess knowledge.
  • Any student who is interested in assessing their current knowledge of chess.
  • Students who have taken a break from Chess4Life Center Classes and believe their knowledge has progressed through other activities.

The Free Private Lesson is a 45 minute lesson that offers insights into…

  • What knowledge level your child is currently at: Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen, or King.
  • What specific elements of chess your child understands or is proficient at.
  • What aspects of chess would be most beneficial for your child to learn next.

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