Chess Assessment Lesson

At Chess4Life we work to teach chess for kids of all ages in a manner that is engaging, promotes critical thinking and develops important life skills. A chess assessment lesson is the first step towards a long and rewarding education. These lessons not only provide a glimpse into the Chess4Life method of chess instruction, but serve as a chance for one of our certified instructors to determine your child’s skill level.

The Assessment Lesson provides the necessary information to help us ensure that every child will both enjoy and be challenged by their learning experience from the moment they start their first day of Premium Center Classes.

  • Students of all ages and levels to determine what is the next best step in furthering their chess knowledge.
  • Anyone, of any age, who is interested in assessing their current knowledge of chess.
  • Students who have taken a break from Chess4Life Center Classes and believe their knowledge has progressed through other activities.

  • What knowledge level your child is currently at: Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen, or King.
  • What specific elements of chess your child understands or is proficient at
  • What aspects of chess would be most beneficial for your child to learn next
  • How our experienced Chess4Life Assessment Coach believes your child can best improve their chess skills moving forward.

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