After School Programs

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Chess4life has taken all of its operations online. Continue reading to find our more about our online courses! Further down you will find information regarding our in-person activities which we hope to reopen soon.

Course Description:

Parents, are you looking for a great enrichment activity for your student while learning from home? Have your kids participate in the FUN & ENGAGING Online Chess4Life Clubs!
Much like the very popular Chess4Life after-school clubs, Online Chess4Life Clubs are a fun and engaging program for any student who wishes to learn the game or improve their knowledge. Each level runs daily and includes a lesson and playing time.

Full Access to Multiple Levels:

Full Month Tuition – grants your student full access to as many classes as they’d like to join for the month. Students may choose and change their class level at their discretion. Log in for Chess4Life clubs every day, if you’d like!
Purchasing a single day – grants your student full access to all levels that one day each week! Students may choose and change their class level at their discretion.
D Group – In this group, students will learn how to move pieces.
C Group – For students who already know how the chess pieces move and want to learn basic concepts and strategies. (recommended for students who can move pieces but have never been in a chess club)
B Group – For students who know the basics and are ready to learn tactics and checkmate patterns. (recommended for students who have been in a chess club before)
A Group – For students who can identify tactics and know basic strategies. (recommended for students, 2nd and older, who have had a least a year of chess instruction)

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+ Relaxed & Fun Environment
+ Convenient After School Program for Students & Parents
+ Foundational Chess Knowledge
+ Strong Chess Community

Our After School Chess Clubs are an excellent option for students to have a great time learning chess and making friends after school.

To see clubs available in your area please start by choosing from the links below: