After School Programs

Program Overview

The hours between the end of the school day and the time parents return home from work are a critical time for elementary aged students.  We understand that for many parents it is of utmost importance to find safe and enriching activities to engage their students during this time.  It is exactly that need that Chess4Life has been addressing for over 10 years in our after school chess clubs.  After school chess clubs are also just a great, convenient way for students to get involved in the game of chess and make new friends.

Learning and playing chess provides a host of benefits including improved memory, problem-solving skills, an enhanced ability to think ahead, and potential performance improvement in math and science. Our goal is to ensure that all of our students improve at chess, gain valuable life skills and, most importantly, have fun.

After school chess clubs provide children with a stimulating and rewarding activity that is proven to improve academic performance. Chess4Life School Chess Clubs are designed for students of any ability and are a great introduction to the game of chess for kids.

All of our school chess programs are taught by certified coaches who tailor the curriculum to meet the needs and experience level of each group of students.

After school chess programs are taught in 1 hour sessions at your child’s school site, allowing them to spend time with friends after school in a familiar environment.

All after school programs are taught by certified chess coaches equipped with the tools and training to ensure that students learn in a fun, rewarding, safe environment. Chess4LIfe coaches are trained to not only effectively teach kids how to play chess, but to engage young minds and promote critical thinking. All members of the Chess4Life team strive to model and live the values that we teach.

Chess lessons cover basic principles and strategies such as how to open a chess game, how to conduct the middle game, and how to win (or avoid losing) in the endgame. Many other basic to advanced level tactics are also taught, including visualization techniques and tournament practice.

Classes are taught using theChess4Life tiered curriculum. Players of any level are encouraged to join.