Best In Class Education Centers are institutions specialized in tutoring Mathematics and English for both enrichment and remedial purposes.

In certain locations, Chess4Life shares retail space with Best in Class to provide our Premium Center Classes.

The Mission of the Chess Emporium is to provide a one-stop environment for everything chess. The Chess Emporium Scholastic Program offers youngsters from Kindergarten through 8th grade a chance to learn about chess.

The Chess Emporium Teaches Chess4Life Premium Center Classes in their locations in Arizona.


First Move Chess Logo-Outline Color

First Move engages young minds and teaches critical and creative thinking skills through the game of chess. First Move is used once a week, during the school day, in second and third grade classrooms, so all children receive the benefits.  Cross curricular and mapped to the Common Core, First Move is a powerful teaching tool.

Chess4Life provides technical chess solutions to First Move and is happy to partner with them to support the chess community.