Life Skills

Honoring Others:


We help students understand what it means to demonstrate ethical, appropriate, and polite behavior in chess which will ultimately help them in life.

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We help students learn how to respect one another and understand why it is important.

Better Together

We help students understand the importance of working together to accomplish a goal. In chess, using your pieces working together is essential – in life, collaborating with others is an essential ingredient for success.

Strategy & Tactics:

Goal Setting

We help students understand the power of setting goals. In a chess game just as in life, you can have many little or big goals – a bad situation to be in is simply when you have no goals and therefore move pieces or wander through life aimlessly


We help students learn to create winning plans in order to achieve their goals, then implement those
plans one step at a time. Note how important it is to first understand your goals in order to create the plan!

Healthy Habits

We help students develop good habits and eliminate bad habits. For example, when the opponent captures one of your pieces, do you immediately recapture their piece instead of looking for possibly a better move? Have you developed the habit of castling early to ensure your king is safe? Note that in order to eliminate a bad habit, it is usually simplest to accomplish by replacing the negative habit with a positive one.

Attitude & Outlook:

Win, Draw, Learn™

We help students gain a new perspective on winning and losing. The ability to learn from an experience and more importantly from a loss is a tremendous skill that will be invaluable to kids throughout their lives.

“Can Do” Attitude

We help students develop a ‘can do’ attitude vs a failure mentality. Many times this requires putting the past behind us after we learn from it (learn from our mistakes in chess), identifying the positives in our current situation, and focusing on simply making progress in our areas of strength rather than wasting any time worrying about what could go wrong or what has already gone wrong.

Always Improve

We help students develop the mindset of continuous improvement in chess and life. While striving for excellence, identify incremental improvements that can be made, and remember to always celebrate progress.