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All programs are held online via Zoom and

We currently offer group classes for students from 5 yrs old. At that age, there may be issues with ability to focus and stay engaged in the class in which case your student’s coach will communicate with you about progress and alternatives should it become clear that other learning options are more appropriate.

Chess4Life provides curriculum and training for you to run an organized, goal-oriented chess club at your school – to start a club at your school, simply contact Chess4Life for pricing and to get started.

We recommend that as soon as a child can do a couple of basic checkmates, such as using a Queen and Rook vs. a lone King, that he/she enters a tournament in one of the beginner sections. We find that players that compete in tournaments enjoy chess more, feel part of a team, and usually have a great time!

Chess4Life offers a weekly Online Friday Night Quads tournament that is a great way for kids to compete at their own skill level in a non-intimidating environment.

Friday Night Quads are a great place for a student to practice what they’ve learned in a fun, competitive environment.

A “tournament chess rating” is a numerical ranking that chess players earn by competing in chess tournaments. The higher the number, the stronger the level of the chess player. U800 refers to any students that are ranked “below the tournament rating of 800 points” – this is a category in a tournament where less experienced players are usually competing. The OPEN categories, in contrast, often have experienced and very strong chess players.

A player ‘earns’ rating points by winning games against other rated players, and loses points by losing games. The higher the ranking of the opponent, the more a player will gain by winning against that player, and lose fewer points if losing the match.

Brand new players to chess typically start with about a 400 rating – somewhat experienced players will approach the 800 mark in scholastic chess – and strong players are starting to develop around the 1300-1400 rating range. Master level players have ratings above 2200 – and the highest in the world is about 2800.

Currently we offer chess classes for ages 5-17.

There are a limited number of scholarship opportunities available in our after school chess clubs.  If you are interested in applying you can access our form here.