Checkmate Challenge Tools by Chess4Life

Confidently Teach Students How to Finalize the Game Of Chess Effectively  

Teach the most important skill to winning more matches in chess with this easy-to-use Checkmate Challenge Toolbox (takes less than 10 minutes)

Build Confidence

These tools were designed with YOU, the instructor, in mind to confidently teach these critical concepts in 10 minutes or less.

Have Fun

These tools were designed to be simple to use and are fun and engaging for students. Just ask our 25,000 members!

Promote Teamwork

Students can work together to solve challenges, promoting communication and teamwork.

What do you get?

This one-of-a-kind tool includes 105 Make-a-Mate Challenges and 135 Checkmate Challenges that range from beginner to advanced, a Checkmate Instructional video from National Master Elliott Neff, a training video on using the tools, printed instructions, a pre-planned Lesson Plan and answer keys.


105 Make-a-Mate Challenges

This activity helps students build skill in imagining and creating checkmate patterns. Beginners to Advanced players find this activity engaging and often turns into a race! Can be done in teams or individually. 


135 Checkmate Challenges

This activity helps students build skill in successfully finishing 'winning positions'. Beginners to Advanced players work together to become adept at both checkmating AND defending!

Helpful Training Video

This short video will give you an understanding of how to effectively use these tools in your chess club.

Checkmate Challenge Club Plan

A pre-planned lesson plan for using the Checkmate Challenges in your chess club which follows our 6 Keys to a fun and engaging chess club.

Checkmate Instructional Video

A fun, easy to follow video from National Master Elliott Neff that will help you and your students better understand Checkmate.

“I use Chess4Life with my after school club of 10-12 year olds, and I can confidently say that without the program there'd be no club. The program is user-friendly--for a chess master or chess novice, engaging for the kids, and logical in its scope & sequence. I've seen so much growth in my kids' character and chess ability in the last 3 months and can't wait to see more!" 


Mr. Joyce, 5th Grade Teacher, Boston, MA

Get Access to the Checkmate Challenge Tools

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  • 105 Make-a-Mate Challenges
  • 135 Checkmate Challenges
  • Training Video
  • Make-a-Mate Challenge Answer Key
  • Printed Instructions

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