6 Keys Chess Club Guide

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Use these 6 key elements to create a sucessful and thriving chess club. We've developed this guide teaching more than 25,000 students in our after-school chess programs.  

What's Inside the Guide...

  • How to create an engaging club environment that enables students to focus and learn.
  • The best strategy to use so students don't feel left out and will want to come back again and again.
  • Easy-to-use sample lesson plan, templates and estimated times for each activity.
  • A detailed explanation of the key elements and how to get the most out of them to create a thriving chess club.

"From someone who runs a lot of programs, this is the easiest and most fun program I’ve run.

Devon, Education Director

Boys & Girls Club in King County, WA

Elliott Neff, Founder of Chess4Life and National Master

Through his 20+ years of coaching chess, Elliott recognized that many great skills are developed beyond mastery of the game that are essential for living a positive, productive, and successful life.