Chess4Life Assessment Lessons: The Chess4Life Assessment Lesson is a 45 minute private lesson that brings you the following results:
  • What knowledge level you or your child is currently at (Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen, or King levels)
  • Defined listing of what you (or your child) already knows in chess
  • Specific knowledge of what to focus on learning next
  • One on one time with an experienced Chess4Life Assessment Coach that will move your game forward in this private lesson assessment
  • Saves considerable time/$$ since topics completed in the assessment lesson will not need to be repeated during Chess4Life Classes
Who should consider a Chess4Life Assessment Lesson:
  1. Students of all ages/levels to determine what is the next best step in furthering their chess knowledge
  2. Any person interested in assessing their current knowledge of chess
  3. Students who have taken a break from Chess4Life Premium Center Classes and believe their knowledge has progressed through other activities
Cost: $45

Location: Any Chess4Life Center